Our Clinics

Do you need advice or an appointment? We encourage people to use their local clinics which are completely confidential and friendly places to visit.

To book a Clinic appointment tel. 01294 323226


People attend the clinics for a variety of reasons…Silver - print

  • Contraception – including emergency contraception and condoms
  • Cervical smear tests
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Advice about planning a pregnancy
  • Counselling and referral for termination of pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted infections- testing, treatment and information
  • HIV information & testing
  • Hepatitis B testing and vaccination
  • Hepatitis C testing and Info
  • Sexual problems
  • Information/ advice about sexual health issues

All our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. You can telephone and make an appointment for yourself. You can download a copy of the Directory of Sexual Health Services in Ayrshire.

NHS Ayrshire and Arran Sexual Health Department has achieved bronze LGBT Charter award



The clinic staff work as a team to provide the services described above

The core team consists of doctors and nurses who have qualifications in Sexual and Reproductive Health, assisted by clerical staff who make appointments and organise the casenotes. At some clinics there are:

  • Health Advisors who provide support, advice and information on sexually transmitted infections, and can help contact partners who need to come for tests and treatment
  • Lab staff who test specimens for infections.

There are two consultants in the department.

All clinics have female doctors and nurses.

All the staff in the clinic work to a strict code of confidentiality and are forbidden to reveal your personal information to anyone else without your permission.

Sometimes we have trainees at the clinics. These are qualified Doctors and Nurses who are working for extra qualifications in sexual and reproductive health. You will be asked if you agree to a trainee being present at your consultation. It is your choice, and the service you receive will not be affected whatever your decision.


The department has an advice line available Monday to Friday during our opening hours. If no-one is available immediately, we can arrange to call you back or suggest a better time for you to call. Please call  01294 323226.