Female Condoms

What is it?

A soft thin polyurethane sheath which loosely lines the vagina and covers the area just outside.Female Condom

How does the female condom work?

It acts as a barrier and stops sperm from entering the vagina.

How to use a female condom

The female condom is inserted into the vagina anytime before sex.

How effective is the female condom?

It is 95% effective if used according to instructions.

What are the advantages of the female condom?

It can be put in any time before sex. There are no serious side-effects and it provides protection from some sexually transmitted infections.

What are the disadvantages of the female condom?

Not as widely available as male condoms. Need to ensure the man’s penis enters the condom and not between the vagina and the condom. May get pushed into the vagina.

Does the female condom protect against Sexually Transmitted infections?

Yes, condoms provide protection from some sexually transmitted infections.