Female Sterilisation (Tubal Ligation or Occlusion)

What is it?

A permanent method of contraception which stops egg and sperm meeting

How does Female Sterilisation work?

The fallopian tubes are cut, sealed or blocked, which stops the passage of eggs and stops sperm and egg meeting

How effective is Female Sterilisation?

In most cases it is over99% effective with 1 in 200 failing (this can be at any time, even may years after the operation.

What are the advantages of Female Sterilisation?

It is a permanent method of contraception, it does not interrupt sex, once the operation has worked you don’t have to think about contraception. Periods are unaffected.

What are the disadvantages of Female Sterilisation?

It requires an operation which will need either a general or local anaesthetic. There is a small increased risk of ectopic pregnancy if the operation fails

Does Female Sterilisation protect against infection?

No, condoms are the only form of contraception which give protection against some infections.