Get your CCard


Did you know that you can get a card (Ccard) that allows you to get free condoms for a variety of outlets, across Ayrshire. To obtain a card you need to sign up. This involves a short confidential discussion with a Sign Up Facilitator, they will talk about condom or dam use, what to do if a condom bursts, sexually transmitted infections and, if necessary, sexual health or relationship issues, and they will direct you to other professionals, if necessary. Although the Sign Up Facilitator will ask for your name, address and age, the only information that you have to give is the first part of your postcode and your date of birth. You will then be given your C Card. Click here for a list of Sign Up points.

Once you have your Ccard, you can use this is a number of outlets across Ayrshire ranging from pharmacies, to youth clubs and some GP surgeries, for a full list of distribution points Click here