Hepatitis C testing

If you are worried about hepatitis, a simple blood test can tell if you have been infected. A test is free and confidential.

If you think you may have been at risk of hepatitis C, it is important to get tested. A blood sample will be required taken either from the arm (venous sample) or via a dry blood spot test (finger prick test).


The blood test happens in 2 stages. The initial screening test is an antibody test. This will determine if you have ever been infected by hepatitis C. If the result of the antibody is negative, you have never been infected with hepatitis C.  If this result comes back positive a further test will determine if you still have the virus. This is called the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test.

The PCR test determines if you are currently infected with hepatitis by detecting active hepatitis C virus replication in the blood. If the PCR test is positive, this indicates active hepatitis C infection.

You can request a blood test from:

Your GP

A sexual health clinic – click here for details of a clinic near you

Addiction Services

  •      South Ayrshire tel: 01292 559800
  •      North Ayrshire tel: 01294 476160
  •      East Ayrshire   tel: 01563 574237

If the result of the test shows hepatitis C infection, a referral will be made to the blood borne virus clinic (Annanhill Suite) based at Crosshouse Hospital. Patients are seen at the clinic to ensure they remain well and started on  a treatment regime suitable for them.