Natural Family Planning

What is it?

Natural family planning works by observing and recording your body’s natural signs of fertility on each day of your menstrual cycle to plan or avoid pregnancy.Family Planning

How does Natural Family Planning work?

There are many different methods. The Billings method assesses cervical mucus. Persona is a small computer which measures hormone changes on urine test sticks. This shows when you can have sex without risking pregnancy.

How to use natural family panning

You will need taught by someone trained in natural family planning on how to use certain methods.

How effective is Natural Family Planning?

If used correctly, Billings method 99% and Persona 94% effective after teaching and instruction.

What are the advantages of Natural Family Planning?

No physical side-effects, no chemicals or physical products are used. Can be used to plan a pregnancy.

What are the disadvantages of Natural Family Planning?

Need to avoid sex at fertile times of the cycle. It takes 3-6 menstrual cycles to learn effectively. You have to keep daily records.

Does the Natural Family Planning protect against Sexually Transmitted Infections?

No, condoms are the only form of contraception which give protection against some infections.

For further information:

Lactational Amenorrhoea Method (LAM) is a natural method of family planning for breast feeding women.

It is 98% effective in preventing pregnancy in women who are less than 6 months postnatal, have no periods and are fully breast feeding (breastmilk being the only source of food given to baby).

The risk of pregnancy is increased if breast feeding decreases (stopping night feeds, weening), when periods return or when more than 6 months postnatal.