World Aids Day 2017


Every year on the 1 December people across the globe mark World AIDS Day: the international day to remember those who have died from AIDS-related illnesses, to prevent new cases of HIV and to stand in solidarity with people living with the virus.

Here in Scotland we want to pull together and make the most of the opportunity these dates give us. This year we want everyone to get involved in some way and help us ask Scotland: What Will You Do? We are hoping as many people as possible will join in and add #WhatWillYouDo and a ribbon to their Facebook or Twitter profile pictures, or share photos and posts of what they’re doing for to mark World AIDS Day, using #WhatWillYouDo

Although 1 December is World AIDS Day, AIDS isn’t something we talk about much in Scotland these days. It is a medical term only used when HIV has really seriously damaged a person’s immune system to the point where they are very ill. It’s really rare for anyone to get that ill in Scotland now, thanks to improving HIV medication and increasing testing that means people are diagnosed and on treatment much earlier.

But while AIDS is less of an issue for people in Scotland than it once was, HIV certainly hasn’t gone away. Last year 285 new people were diagnosed with HIV in this country. There’s a lot everyone can do to help prevent new cases, from knowing the facts about HIV and how it’s transmitted, to making sure you use condoms, never sharing injecting kit, and getting tested regularly if you think you might be at risk.

Another simple thing we can all do is think about how it would feel to have HIV, and to challenge the stigma and prejudice that people living with HIV face. A good place to start is by learning some facts about HIV; like that it can’t be passed on by things like touching, kissing, sharing cups or toilet seats.

So this year, please join us and mark World AIDS Day and HIV Testing Week by asking yourself and people you know: What Will You Do? Add a ribbon to your profile picture, get ideas and information at, or follow the campaign on Twitter or Facebook and share posts and then share what you’ll be up to using #WhatWillYouDo.

If you have put yourself at risk you can get tested at your local sexual health clinic click here for more information, or if you would like details of Injecting Equipment Provision site please Click here


Testing Week Scotland 11 – 17th September 2017

The primary aim of Testing Week Scotland is to encourage individuals who may Page_0have been at risk of HIV, hepatitis C, hepatitis B or an STI to access testing. The key theme of the campaign for 2017 is #KnowYourRisk – raising awareness of the different ways that the infections can be passed on, and helping people to consider whether they should access testing.


Below is a list of Injecting Equipment Provision Clinics (IEP) where you can get tested for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. If you would like to know more about local testing services, including STI  testing sites please click here


East Ayrshire

Days Open Close Location
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1.30pm 4.30pm Bentinck Centre, Kilmarnock
Tuesday and Thursday 2pm 4.15pm Health Centre, Cumnock
Tuesday 5.30pm 7pm Bentinck Centre, Kilmarnock
Thursday 9.30am 12.30pm Bentinck Centre, Kilmarnock

North Ayrshire

Days of Week Open Close Location
Monday 6pm 8pm Health Centre, Stevenston
Wednesday 2pm 4pm Kilbirnie Health Centre
Wednesday 3pm 6pm Ballot Road, Irvine
Thursday 2pm 4pm Brooksby Health Centre (upstairs)

South Ayrshire

Days of Week Open Close Location
Friday 2pm 4pm North Ayr Health Centre, Ayr


World Hepatitis Day is one of only 8 campaigns that is supported by the World Health Organisation. The campaign takes place every year on 28th July and the aim is to increase awareness and understanding of viral hepatitis and the diseases that it can cause.Are you gambling with your liver - Ayrshire-page-001

This year’s campaign aims to encourage people that may have put themselves at risk to get tested and get treated.

New hepatitis C treatments work well which give most people at least a 90% chance of clearing the virus with fewer side effects than previous treatments options. If you would like more information please Click Here.

If you would like to download a copy of the Poster please Click Here

Hepatitis Scotland co-ordinated a nationwide art project which explores identity and stigma issues faced by people affected by hepatitis C. A local art workshop took place at the Kilmarnock Heritage Centre to help people express the mental and physical challenges that living with hepatitis C can cause. It is fascinating to see the different ways people choose to express their emotions through art, and the different experiences of life people have before and after hepatitis C treatment. The artwork shown here illustrates the impact of stigma and highlights that access to treatment and support can produce positive outcomes.

We would like to thank all individuals who took part in this project.


LoveHands & EyesFreeHelping HandsLight & end of tunnel

Recovery Bridge


HPV Vaccination Update

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is now available to men who have sex with men (MSM) who are up to and including 45 years of age.

The vaccine will help prevent HPV infection which can cause genital warts and certain types of cancer.  It is especially important for those who are living with HIV and those who have more than one partner.

Please click here for all information.


Get your CCard


Did you know that you can get a card (Ccard) that allows you to get free condoms for a variety of outlets, across Ayrshire. To obtain a card you need to sign up. This involves a short confidential discussion with a Sign Up Facilitator, they will talk about condom or dam use, what to do if a condom bursts, sexually transmitted infections and, if necessary, sexual health or relationship issues, and they will direct you to other professionals, if necessary. Although the Sign Up Facilitator will ask for your name, address and age, the only information that you have to give is the first part of your postcode and your date of birth. You will then be given your C Card. Click here for a list of Sign Up points.

Once you have your Ccard, you can use this is a number of outlets across Ayrshire ranging from pharmacies, to youth clubs and some GP surgeries, for a full list of distribution points Click here