Pubic Lice

Pubic Lice are insects that live in the hair in the pubic area and sometimes live in course body hair, but they are different to head lice.

What are the signs and symptoms?

It can take several weeks before signs and symptoms appear. If you do get symptoms you may notice:

  • itching in the affected area
  • brown eggs on pubic or other body hair
  • irritation or inflammation in the affected area (sometimes caused by you scratching)
  • black powdery droppings from the lice on your underwear
  • sky-blue spots or very tiny specks of blood on the skin

How will you know if you have Pubic Lice?

You will be aware of the itch and may see the droppings on your underwear.

How do you get tested?

You can get checked out by your GP or at your local sexual health clinic. The nurse or doctor may use a magnifying glass to look for lice or look at one under a microscope.

What is the treatment?

Treatment for pubic lice is simple and involves using special cream, lotion or shampoo, this has to be used on 2 separate occasions 7 days apart. Clothing, bedding and towels should also be washed on a very hot cycle (above 50 degrees C) to avoid re-infection.

Is there anything I can do myself?

Reducing the number of partners you have sex with reduces the risk of being infected.