Hepatitis B Testing

If you are worried about hepatitis B, a simple blood test can tell if you've been infected.

The initial screening test for hepatitis B is a blood test taken either from the arm or by a dry blood spot test (finger prick test). This test looks for virus antigens and antibodies (antigens indicate if the virus is present and antibodies are created by the immune system when hepatitis B enters the body).

If antigens or antibodies are detected in the blood, further tests will be carried out to determine if you are:

  • Currently infected by hepatitis B
  • Previously immunised against hepatitis B
  • Previously infected with hepatitis B but have cleared the virus


You can request a blood test from:

Your GP

A sexual health clinic – click here for details of a clinic near you

Addiction Services

  •      South Ayrshire tel: 01292 559800
  •      North Ayrshire tel: 01294 476160
  •      East Ayrshire   tel: 01563 574237