young people- Sex and Covid 19

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Sex and intimate contact are risks for Covid 19 transmission.

In line with the latest government advice to prevent covid 19 transmission, you should only have sexual contact – including with your regular partner- if you live within the same household.

Looking after yourself when services are limited– we recommend

  • Practice safer sex– use a condom You can now have access to free condoms by downloading the C Card app from Apple App store or Google play on your mobile phone.
  • Contraception– make sure you have enough contraceptive pills/arrange your next depo injection in time
  • Don’t delay emergency contraception– call us on 01294 323226
  • STI tests – we are unable to offer testing unless you have symptoms -call 01294 323226
  • Abortion Service-if you need advice about abortion please call 01563 827025
  • Mental health– if you or someone you know needs help talk to a parent,carer or trusted adult or contact other sources of help/support eg childline, Young Scot, Mind
  • Staying Safe OnlineYour safety – online and in the real world – is just as important now as ever.

Even in lockdown, all normal boundaries and laws still exist and should be followed as usual. People may be spending more time online and exploring more social platforms – make sure you check privacy settings and are aware how to report and block unwanted contact.

It’s also important to practice safety online when talking to unknown people, watching pornography, posting information about ourselves to social media and reporting content that is illegal or offensive. If you want more information, you can visit ThinkUKnow and any concerns around sexual abuse or online exploitation, you can report incidents via the Internet Watch Foundation or

  • Sexting-

If you are under 18, ‘sexting’ – which is the sharing of any images, videos or content that is sexual in nature – is illegal.

This law is to protect young people to make sure their intimate images are not shared. While it might seem safe at the time, you cannot control who sees those pictures once they have been sent. If you are under 18, and you are worried that your images have been shared, tell a trusted adult and/or contact

If you are over 18, sexting is legal, but there are still lots of things to consider. Some people use sexting as a way of staying connected or for feeling good about themselves. In saying this, it’s important to remember the safety elements of sharing intimate pictures of yourself.

Photos should not be shared publicly, and there can be legal consequences for doing so. No-one should ever feel pressured to take or receive nudes, and it’s important that you talk to your partner first about doing this and set some boundaries for what feels ok and when it’s ok to send those types of messages.

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