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Sexual Health Update Event – Primary Care

28th September 2023


BBC documentary –Should I Quit My Birth Control 

Contraception | NHS inform

Contraception Choices

West of Scotland MCN – Combined pill patient information

West of Scotland MCN – Bleeding with implant patient leaflet 

West of Scotland MCN – Pre-intrauterine contraception fitting leaflet

West of Scotland MCN Intrauterine contraception video

Inter-practice variation in prescribing of higher VTE risk combined oral hormonal contraceptives

Improving access to self administered injected contraception

MCN Bleeding With Implant Leaflet

MCN Pre-intrauterine Contraception Patient Information

Reduced Access to choice of Contraception in Primary Care 2017-2022

Challenges in Access to Intrauterine Contraception


NHS Inform – Sexual and reproductive health including STIs

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Response Co-ordination Service (SARCS) 

My Body Back Project – Rape and sexual assault support

My Body Back Project –Book an appointment


Menopause and post menopause health 

Cervical Screening

Cervical Screening Education Standards | Turas | Learn (nhs.scot)

Cervical screening education standards

HIS cervical screening standards 

HIS cervical screening review

Cervical screening leaflets in other languages

Cervical screening videos for learning difficulties (and other languages)

Referral Template –  Cervical Screening Clinic

Opting-Out Process Summary

Cervical Screening – Incident Process

Cervix Chart 

Cervical Screening – Learning from practices with uptake rates above the Scottish average

Cervical Screening Education Standards August 2021

Initial Cervical Screening Education for General Practice Nurses

Cervical Screening Education for General Practice Nurses – Update Module

Definition of Practice Assessor Generic V1.0

Learning Summary Cervical Screening Training Supplementary Information

Learning Summary Cervical Screening Training

Learning Summary Examination at Referral Supplementary Information

Learning Summary Examination at Referral

Learning Summary Pregnancy

Handbook for Healthcare Professionals taking cervical screening tests 2023

Opting-out from the Scottish Cervical Screening Programme

Learning Resources

Family Planning Association (fpa.org.uk)

Let’s talk about sex! | Sexwise

FSRH Guidelines & Statements – Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare

Education & Training – Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (fsrh.org)

WOS Sexual Health MCN – Managed Clinical Network for Sexual Health in the West of Scotland

Sexual and reproductive health | Turas | Learn (nhs.scot)

Sexual health | Turas | Learn (nhs.scot)

New Sexual and Reproductive Health e-learning courses now available – elearning for healthcare (e-lfh.org.uk)

RCGP Women’s Health Library

FSRH coil removal videos

Coil Procedure – Ayrshire & Arran HCA training video

Video Training for Assistants at IUCD Procedures

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