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Cervical Screening

7th May 2024

Cervical Screening 



Incident Process for NHS A+A Cervical Screening Programme

Opting-out process summary June 2022 minor update to disclaimer August 2…

Opting out from the Scottish Cervical Screening Programme Guidance for healthcare professionals 7.6.2022

Public Health cervical screening clinic

Public Health have set up a cervical screening clinic to support individuals who experience barriers to accessing screening within primary care. In particular, the service is designed to meet the needs of individuals with physical disabilities, and women with a history of previous sexual trauma who need additional support to access screening. The clinic will run on the last Friday morning of each month at the Ayrshire Maternity Unit, with available appointments from Friday 27 January 2023.

Public Health – Cervical Screening Clinic

Referral Template – Cervical Screening clinic

If you know individuals that would benefit from this service, please inform them this new clinic is now available. Primary care teams can arrange for a referral.  Alternatively, for more information, please contact :aa.clinicalphcervicalscreeningteam@aapct.scot.nhs.uk


“There is an NHS Ayrshire and Arran cervical screening update module available on LearnPro which clinicians can complete as evidence of 3 yearly update training.”

Cervical Screening Education Standards | Turas | Learn (nhs.scot)

Cervical screening education standards

HIS cervical screening standards 

HIS cervical screening review

Cervical screening leaflets in other languages

Cervical screening videos for learning difficulties (and other languages)

Referral Template –  Cervical Screening Clinic

Opting-Out Process Summary

Cervical Screening – Incident Process

Cervix Chart 

Cervical Screening – Learning from practices with uptake rates above the Scottish average

Cervical Screening Education Standards August 2021

Initial Cervical Screening Education for General Practice Nurses

Cervical Screening Education for General Practice Nurses – Update Module

Definition of Practice Assessor Generic V1.0

Learning Summary Cervical Screening Training Supplementary Information

Learning Summary Cervical Screening Training

Learning Summary Examination at Referral Supplementary Information

Learning Summary Examination at Referral

Learning Summary Pregnancy

Handbook for Healthcare Professionals taking cervical screening tests 2023

Opting-out from the Scottish Cervical Screening Programme

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