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7th May 2024

Menopause Clinic

We offer a specialist menopause clinic in Ayrshire and Arran. This is staffed by Sexual Health Consultant’s and  GP’s. Referrals are welcomed through SCI gateway. Please see the referral criteria below which has some problem solving tips. If you have any queries or wish to discuss a referral first then please feel free to email our clinical advice box and we will endeavour to reply promptly.


Menopause Peer Support Network

Network for all clinicians with an interest in managing the menopause. A space to keep up to date, discuss complex issues and share tips. If you are interested to join then please email:


British Menopause Society Toolkit

MIS21-008-CC How to use transdermal HRT – A5 leaflet

MIS21-009-CC How long to use HRT – A5 leaflet

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